Welcome to Our Tiny Blue Dot! 

We wanted to create a space where anyone can discuss issues related to the environment and our fragile earth. This is a place for people to share their love for our planet and learn how to best take care of it.

Our motivation is simply to get more people talking about the current state of things, and help everyone make more informed decisions about the way they live.

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Our Tiny Blue Dot is a blog about Earth, and the processes which are currently affecting our fragile environment. Here you will find the latest news related to climate change, tips about living a greener lifestyle, events to attend and actions to take to protect our planet from harmful influences. You can also share your opinions, comment on posts and give us tips through the ‘Blog’ section so we can help each other gain an in-depth understanding of climate change, its effects and how to lessen them. In ‘Resources’ you can find links to various websites and media with great articles that we haven’t been able to cover ourselves.

Wondering who WE are? Here is a little something about us…


Greetings from Reni! I am 25, was born in Bulgaria and until the age of 19 I lived in a    beautiful city on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. I then moved to Britain to pursue my    passion for ‘otherness’, for things that were a mystery to me and presented a challenge  but also – a recipe for a fantastic adventure. I studied Japanese Studies at Oxford Brookes University and lived in Japan for a year – one of the most magical adventures of my life (so far!). After coming back, my interest in other cultures was combined with a newly discovered passion which I found in Japan, but I knew that it had been sitting dormant in my mind ever since I was a child – the desire to assist those in dire need of help. I found that the large majority of those who live in the merciless reality of excruciating poverty, hunger, discrimination, diseases and lack of opportunities for  personal and social development, are the people living in the regions with the cultures that fascinated me the most – South and South-East Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa and South  America. I decided that in order to contribute to the well-being of the people of those regions, I needed knowledge, skills and experience. I enrolled in a Master’s programme at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London and studied Social Anthropology of Development thus combining my two passions into one research area. After graduating, I went Jamaica to work on development projects and learn about a new and incredibly interesting culture. It was in this beautiful Caribbean country where I first felt the adverse effects of climate change and saw the extreme level of pollution which mass industrialisation had caused. I came back determined to do my part in the fight against climate change and against the destruction of our incredibly fragile and unique environment. This ambition turned into Our Tiny Blue Dot. Welcome!



picHey I’m Alex, 25, born in Rome but I’ve been living in London since I was 18. I have a BA in Film and Media studies where I specialised in Czechoslovak and Yugoslav cinema, yes that is a passion of mine, together with Balkan music. I am currently completing a Masters in Development Studies at SOAS, and until recently I’ve been working for a number of different refugee and migrant organisations across London as a project officer.

Before beginning my studies I travelled across Europe working for different organic farms did some fruit picking in France, took care of pigs and sheep in Norway and helped build an eco-farm in southern Turkey. After this amazing experience I came back to London, and the following summer I went to India for 4 months to volunteer for a local NGO. There I worked on a micro-credit loans scheme for disadvantaged women victims of domestic violence. After returning to the UK I decided that experience was not enough so I decided to start a Masters’ and gain some more experience in the field of development. I interned with the British Red Cross and assisted a research project with the Human Trafficking Foundation.

In London I have been volunteering as a visitor for detainees held in immigration removal centres and have been involved with a number of environmental campaigning organisations. I am currently studying Russian as I would like to go and work in Uzbekistan and visit Central Asia. In my spare time I like to play football with friends (not very well, but I still enjoy it), go to gigs any folkish, balkan, punkish music will do for me, and discover new odd movies.



Check out the ‘Contact’ page to see how you can contact us if you have any questions, suggestions or if you just want to say Hi! Also, if you every find yourself in London and would like to meet us, we are always happy to connect with other green enthusiasts!

Now, go and explore Our Tiny Blue Dot!

Enjoy! 🙂


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